website design

ESTEEM is a European project in which 11 universities and institutes particpate. The main communications tool is the website and this tool needed a redesign and some minor adjustments and upgrades.

The old design

It was time for a redesign, but no big changes. The layout of the old site will be largely preserved. - Old design - Concept design

Logo touchup

First a new loge was designed for the project, but later on it was decided that the logo needed to be recognisable. Only a slight touchup of the logo was done.

Interactive map

There are 11 participants from institutions from all over Europe working together on the ESTEEM project, to get information about on or more of these institutions one could use the interactive map at the top of the page. Rolling over one of the flag will show the user the option for that participant.

Particpant access

In the old design users of the site were redirected to a different page and url to get access to the participant only data and information. In the new design the portal access can be found on every page. The is a collapsible panel which will be open when a user is not logged in.