Cirriculum Vitae

Mark Andrew Freese
Wibo Lanslaan 13, 2493 AK, Den Haag
The Netherlands,


I am a broadly educated industrial design engineer, with an affinity for multimedia design, software development and project management. I have excellent skills for design & development of rich Internet and desktop applications and keep up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in this field.


March 2004

Delft University of Technology

Delft, ZH

Industrial Design Engineering – Interaction design
Master of Science (ir., MSc)


1998 – 2000


Delft, ZH

Club, pub & restaurant
  • Manager during club night
  • Ordering stock from the distributor

  • 1999

    Fyzion - International Ideological Workshop

    Delft, ZH

    Discussing design philosophy, rules and visualise the future
  • Arranging housing for guest lecturers
  • Location acquisition, general problem solver

  • 2000 – 2002

    Freelance Graphic & Multimedia work

    Delft, ZH

    Various 3D visualisation, graphic design, multimedia design
    & development projects.

    During this period I did a number of freelance project. These ranged from posters to 3d visualisations for architecture projects, websites, interactive CD’s, posters/flyers, corporate identity, 3D product & architecture visualisations.

    2004 – 2008

    Kavli Institute of Nanoscience - TUDelft

    Delft, ZH

    High Resolution Electron Microscopy
    Interaction design & Software development.

  • Design & development of a user-friendly software interface for remote operation of a Transmission Electron Microscope. The focus of this project is on creating a user interface that will give the microscopist the feel that they are working with a Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM). This was done by incorporating a protocol by which microscopist work to achieve their goals. All aspects of the user - microscope interaction were evaluated and the results were used for creating new ideas and ways for interacting with such a complicated scientific instrument.
  • Design & development of a web-based portal for scientific collaboration and the facilitation of remote operation of scientific instruments. For the facilitation of remote operation of a Transmission Electron Microscope and other scientific instrumentation a management portal is needed, which provides security, instrument management, project management and communication tools.
  • Design & development of a Transmission Electron Microscope control server for facilitating remote operation of the TEM. This server implements two protocols one for microscope control and one for real-time video and data steaming.
  • Implementation of a system for remote operation of a Transmission Electron Microscope. Implementation and management of the system server and software architecture.
  • Student support for students working on the project or affiliated projects.
  • Various small graphic and multi-media design & development projects, e.g. Group website, TV video presentation, instrument reservation system.

  • 2008 – present

    EMAT - University of Antwerp

    Antwerp, Belgium

    High Resolution Electron Microscopy
    Interaction design & Software development.

  • Redesign & developement EELSModel website.
  • Redesign ESTEEM website.
  • Design & development User Interface fitSTEM routines MatLab & C++.
  • Concept, design & development Origami c++ desktop application.
  • Concept, design & development Origami icons & styling.
  • Some adjustments & upgrades to various websites/pages.
  • Support & consultancy software and hardware.


    c++, Qt, Actionscript 2 & 3, Adobe Air, HTML, Javascript, PHP, tcl/tk, java

    Operating systems

    Mac OSX, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Unix, DOS


    Flash 7/8/CS3, Flex Builder 2/3, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Eclipse, SVN, CVS, Apache, IIS, Mysql, phpMyAdmin, Flash Media Server, Red5 Server, amf-php, MS Office, iWorks, Maya, 3D Studio Max, Swift 3D, AutoCAD, SolidWorks


    Prof. Dr. H.W.Zandbergen

    TUDelft – Kavli Institute of Nanoscience – HREM
    Lorentzweg 1
    2628 CJ Delft
    The Netherlands
    +31 (0)15 278 2266

    Prof. Dr. G. Van Tendeloo

    University of Antwerp
    EMAT research group
    Groenenborgerlaan 171
    B-2020 Antwerpen